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In this first in a sports-themed series, Pastor Ian Dunn challenges us to run the race that has been marked out for us, and to run it in a way in which to win!  He encourages us t...

In this final sermon in a series about financial wisdom, Doctor Ian Dunn speaks about how debt can impact us spiritually.  He describes how God views debt and encourages us to str...

Mothering Like Mary

This week Doctor Ian Dunn is talking about mothering. Using Mary as the example aspects of god in his mothering characteristics. 

This week Doctor Ian Dunn is talking about finances and money. He explains what is seed and what is bread. What we sow and what we use and the importance of not confusing the two.

April 28 2019

This week Joel Hardy speaks about God's story and how it continues in the church today.

This week Doctor Ian Dunn Talks about what if all involved in Crucifying Jesus would have to know what would happen when the son of God died for our sins.

40 Acts - Part 6

In this sixth message on the 40 Acts, David Tysick explains how the transforming power of being connected as a family. How the church is supposed to care for one and other.

40 Acts - Part 5

In this fifth message on the 40 Acts, Pastor Ian Dunn is talking about being responsive. He explains how it’s important to understand where people are at in their journey.

40 Acts - Part 4

In this fourth message on the 40 Acts, Pastor Ian Dunn explains how we should look at our assumptions about our faith, relationship with God and how we look at life overall. He go...

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